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Premium eyewear & personalized service

Hello, we're David Kind. Venice, California is our home. We've spent well over a decade making eyewear for the best brands in the world, and now we are making it for you. Founded just two short years ago by David Barton as a rebellion to fast fashion eyewear, we bring together classic frame design and the best in optical technology to a tailored, home try-on experience: all for an honest price.

Buying eyewear online can be a challenge, but we're positive you've not had an experience like this.

We know our craft

Mastery of any discipline is lifelong work. We believe that no matter what your task is, when you work with integrity and devotion, you command respect. To that end, we've partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the business-based in Sabae, Japan and Cadore, Italy-to bring our original designs to life.

Experienced craftsmen combine skills handed down from generation to generation, boosted by the latest developments in computer-aided manufacturing technology. We believe this combination of old and new world techniques result in the finest and most technically advanced eyewear in the world.


Premium materials

We use only the highest grade materials for our lenses, never polycarbonate, ensuring the sharpest image and widest field of vision. Each lens is anti-reflective, anti-scratch, and anti-smudge coated. While many brands charge extra for this, it's standard on every pair of our lenses.

Each frame is crafted from the finest zyl, pure titanium, or stainless steel. There are over 200 individual processes brought together to complete each pair of eyeglasses. We've spent countless hours in our factories, working together with the craftsmen to ensure the final product is to our specification.

We are opticians

We've patented photo measurement technology which allows our opticians to pinpoint your pupil within the frame you have purchased just as they would do in a doctor's office, but to an even greater degree of consistency. Every one of our clients is reviewed by a real optician who makes final lens judgements before finishing your lenses. Progressives and strong prescriptions have never been dispensed with this level of precision online before.

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