Start Seeing Better

For prescription eyewear to be truly functional, it's crucial that the measurements used to make them be accurate – and tailored specifically to each unique face. Every pair of frames will fit each person in a different way. In order to make every single one of our pieces fit perfectly for each of our customers, we've developed patented technology (US Patent #9086582) to measure pupil distance, ocular center and seg height.

Our patented photo measurement system is simple enough to allow us to keep our costs low, elegant in how accurate it is for each person, and revolutionary in that no other brand is doing it.

We've fit hundreds of clients using this system with outstanding results. If you've been wary of the accuracy of online eyewear brands in the past, we know you'll be pleasantly surprised at what we can do. See the difference and try on at home.

To measure a pair of David Kind glasses from your Home Try-on set, log into your account here.



Sharper image quality.

Widest peripheral vision.

Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings are standard on all frames.

Improved contrast sensitivity and less glare at night.

Widest RX range, from high-powered progressives to prescribed prism.



Lens surface contains peripheral distortion that may cause headaches.

Polycarbonate is a hazy material that reduces visual acuity.

Extra cost required for anti-reflective or scratch-resistant coatings.

Quality decreases for prescription power over +/– 3.00.